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If your good intentions for eating well or following your fitness plan don’t seem to be getting you anywhere, you could benefit from working with a health coach. At Type One Fitness, our health and wellness coaches work with people who want to lose weight, get or stay physically fit, or manage health conditions such as diabetes, cardiac care, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. In addition to working on the physical component of your wellness, our health coaches also partner with you to help you improve your emotional well-being, reduce stress, and make positive, lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle. Instead of struggling to take on physically and emotionally challenging changes by yourself, you can work one-on-one with a professional to create a tailored plan that will help you set and meet your goals.

Our health coaches offer ongoing wellness coaching and support to keep you on track toward your goals and train in behavior change theories, motivational strategies, and health education and promotion theories. They use these to support the client in creating and sustaining change for improved health and well-being. You may want help with a targeted issue, such as weight loss, or you may need holistic help bringing together a variety of elements such as self-care, healthy eating, physical fitness and stress reduction. Whatever your challenges and goals, a Type One Fitness health coach can help identify a strategic and safe plan of action and lead you to success.

Complimentary consultation session

At Type One Fitness, you’ll receive one (1) complimentary 30-minute, consultation session with our certified health coach. A great way to get acquainted with our wide variety of new health and wellness cardiovascular and strength equipment, learn about classes, and see what is right for you.

  • Eligible for one (1) complimentary consultation assessment
    30-minute sessions with a health coach.
  • Children as young as 14 years old are eligible.
  • Health history assessment.
  • Holistic approach – big-picture wellness plans integrating weight
    loss, nutrition and fitness.

Introduction package

Our board-certified health coaches display an unconditional positive regard for their clients and have trained to the highest standards in the profession which means that they have the skills and knowledge to walk alongside you on your path to your healthiest self.

1 session 60 minutes

  • InBody biometrics screening.
  • Health history evaluation.
  • Discuss short- and long-term focus.
  • Set up weekly goals and accountability system.

2 sessions 30 minutes follow-up

  • Review progress.
  • Discuss successes, challenges and collaborate to make adjustments.
  • set new goals if needed, review accountability system and its effectiveness.

Introduction package

On-going health coaching

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Jess' success story

Being a breast cancer survivor, I encountered side effects from radiation treatment and deficiencies that my doctors did not identify. I was advised to see a nutritionist, but I didn’t. After a couple of years of feeling completely run down, I decided I needed to do something about it. My sister told me about the work Kelly Hawk, Health Coach at Type One Fitness is doing to help clients reach their goals with exercise, nutrition and psychology, meeting each individual where they are in their journey. I contacted her, booked a time for the complimentary consultation and found her to be very informative and extremely helpful. Upon completion of our initial consultation, I decided that I needed to sign up for a program with her. It has changed my life. Under the direction of Kelly, I’ve made significant changes in my eating habits. I am getting the quality and proper amount of nutrients and vitamins needed for my body. I feel so much better; my energy level has returned and I have lost weight! My mental clarity is much better as well. I am learning about food, enzymes, probiotics, lemon water, etc. One of my biggest takeaways from the custom program Kelly created for me, is the realization that what you put in your body can and will harm you. I give many thanks to Kelly, who genuinely cares and educates her clients.

  • Working with a knowledgeable national board-certified health and wellness coach will help you to set and reach your health goals. Our health coaches can help you move past challenging barriers.
  • Knowing that you have to check in with your health coach about your progress can give you the push you need to move forward.
  • With increased energy and motivation, you’ll be able to do more, be there for others and live life to the fullest.
  • Our health coaches act as cheerleaders to pick you up when you’re having a not-so-good day.
  • A health coach at Type One Fitness will never judge your actions. They help you come to your own conclusions about what works and what doesn’t in reaching your goals.

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